Monday, 12 March 2012

Windows Mobile set the device date and time

 <DllImport("coredll.dll")> _
   Private Function SetSystemTime(ByRef time As SYSTEMTIME) As Boolean
    End Function

Public Sub setDeviceDateTime(ByVal dt As DateTime)
        Dim ServerTime As New SYSTEMTIME

        ServerTime.Day = dt.ToUniversalTime.Day
        ServerTime.Month = dt.ToUniversalTime.Month
        ServerTime.Year = dt.ToUniversalTime.Year
        ServerTime.Hour = dt.ToUniversalTime.Hour
        ServerTime.Minute = dt.ToUniversalTime.Minute
        ServerTime.Second = dt.ToUniversalTime.Second

    End Sub
    Public Structure SYSTEMTIME
        Public Year As Short
        Public Month As Short
        Public DayOfWeek As Short
        Public Day As Short
        Public Hour As Short
        Public Minute As Short
        Public Second As Short
        Public Milliseconds As Short
    End Structure

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